Local Business Solutions


Sponsored WiFi Programs

WiFi has become an utility.  People depend on it and demand it when they are away from home.  Why should you offer WiFi without getting anything in return for it? Our solutions allow you to offer WiFi to your guests in a way that you receive something in return. You can gather their contact information, offer specials and promotions, or simply rent out the space to other businesses or organization. You'll be amazed at everything you can achieve with a well planned sponsored WiFi campaign. Contact us today to find out more.


Local Business Website Design $499.00

Local businesses require a web presence that informs visitors of their products and/or services, information about the company, trusted reviews, opening hours and finally a way for them to contact the business. We offer simple but elegant designs that fill those needs without breaking the budget which allows for more money to bring visitors to the websites. Visit the portfolio to see what we can do with $499.00


Loyalty Programs & Offers

Loyalty programs help you retain your clients and also bring them back more often. This increases your bottom line and decreases your needs to find new clients. We offer many loyalty program solutions form points systems to punch-cards that will reward your customers for their loyalty and also for referring new clients to you. Call us today for a free consultation.